Why Did Oklahoma Build a $27 Million State-Run Hotel?

You may have seen this photo on social media.

What you're witnessing is the ribbon cutting for a $27 million state-run lodge at Lake Murray State Park.  $15 million of it was siphoned away from the State Park Trust in 2012 through SB 1913Click here to read the legislation.

I ask you, should the Oklahoma government be in the hotel business? Even if we weren't dealing with a $900 million budget deficit, is it the job of the state of Oklahoma to make sure we own and operate a luxury hotel in a state park? Did the Department of Tourism even bother to entertain a bid from a private-owned hotelier?


This is just an example of the problems we have with our current GOP leaders.  We're told that we can't cut agencies anymore and have to raise taxes.  But then they show up at a ribbon cutting for a $27 million state-run hotel just days later!

It should sadden the taxpayers of Oklahoma that this demonstration of government waste was brought on by our own Republican leaders.  I have always said that Oklahoma isn't a poor state, but a state run poorly.  And when it's run poorly by leaders who have an "R" next to their name, it's time to find new leaders that will truly follow Republican values.

This type of leadership is why, this past Tuesday, I announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Governor of Oklahoma.  It's time that our GOP leaders not only espouse Republican values, but follow those values once they are elected.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to travel all across Oklahoma to visit with voters like you.  I want to hear about your concerns for our economy, our schools, and our state.  From your input, I will determine the viability of a run for the Republican nomination for Governor of Oklahoma.

As always, let your state legislators know how you feel about the state being in the hotel business.  Click here to find your legislator It's time we stand for Republican values and demand the same from our Republican leaders!