Taxes and Government Spending

I hate to see waste.  I have been that way my entire life and typically, if not always, see no good reason for waste.  I see and hear “Let’s be less wasteful as a state.”  Yet my own past experiences and observations cause me to believe that the attitude of Oklahoma taxpayers has little effect on curbing wasteful spending in our state government.  

As an Assistant Insurance Commissioner, I observed an immense amount of wasteful spending both in the hiring of unneeded staff as well as in expenditures.  For example, at the end of the year, we would be encouraged to make requests for new furniture and equipment so that we could make sure we spent all of our budget for the year thereby making sure the state legislature wouldn’t cut the agency's budget the next year.  This is not the way to spend our tax dollars!  

We must investigate the entire state government and address any misuse or wasteful spending of our tax dollars.  The only way to deal with this systematic corruption and waste is to demand a forensic audit of these agencies, trusts, and authorities.  Only then can we truly know if every dollar is spent wisely.

After we have identified the waste and corruption, I truly believe we won’t have a “revenue” problem anymore.