Richardson Responds to Court Denying Car Sales Tax Stay

Tulsa, OK, June 30, 2017 – Gary Richardson issued a statement today in response to the Oklahoma Supreme Court denying his stay on the implementation of the car sales tax before the case is heard on August 8th.  “I’m extremely disappointed that the justices didn’t stay the implementation of 1.25% sales tax on auto sales,” said Richardson.

Richardson discussed the impact of the tax increase and how it will affect the small business owners who run the auto dealerships across the state.  “Folks, this decision will depress auto sales and potentially stall our fragile economy hurting small businesses and consumers across the state. This is why I filed the lawsuit to challenge the car sales tax in the first place.”
“Hundreds if not thousands of Oklahomans are now going to have to make the difficult decision of whether to pay a higher tax at their local, Oklahoma car dealer or wait until after the court hearing in August.  Until then, Oklahoma suffers,” said Richardson.
The Supreme Court will hear the challenge to the car sales tax along with the other two revenue bills being challenged by Richardson on behalf of the Oklahoma taxpayers on August 8th at 11 a.m.