When economic times are tough at your home, it’s likely that your family will gather around the kitchen table to have a hard discussion of what has to be paid for and what the family can do without for the short term.  

Sometimes the choices are tough - no more eating out, canceling cable and internet, or canceling ballet classes for your child. Maybe you might have to go down to just one car.

But your family works together and figures out how to live within their means.  Never once is there a discussion to go take money from your neighbor to pay the bills.

But that’s what’s happening at the State Legislature.  Rather than cut spending on non-core services or deferring corporate tax credits, our leaders want to raise taxes on middle and lower-income Oklahomans.

Gary Richardson has a plan that would fill the $878 million budget gap, increase funding to the Department of Corrections, Public Safety, and DHS while still ensuring a $3,000 pay raise for Oklahoma teachers.






 Source - OCPA; Oklahoma Turnpike Authority