You don’t have to ask around far to learn that our schools are in crisis mode.  Funding for our schools have remained flat for almost ten years and our teachers desperately need a raise.

Oklahoma needs leadership that will not only make education a priority, but improve funding to our classrooms so that teachers and ultimately, our children and grandchildren benefit from a quality education.

First, we must find a way to consolidate the over 500 school administrations across the state while ensuring every school, both rural and urban, stays open.   Second, we need to call for an audit of both the public and higher education institutions to ensure that money that could be going toward teacher salaries and classroom education isn’t being wasted through bloated administrative costs.

Finally, we must find a way to increase the education options for Oklahoma parents.  A child’s zip code shouldn’t be the determination of the quality of education they will receive.  Only then will we truly improve our education system in Oklahoma and make Oklahoma a better place to live!