Education Plan

Most Oklahomans know that our schools need help and our teachers need a raise.  Oklahoma needs leadership that will not only make education a priority, but improve funding to ensure we have teachers who will provide quality education for our children and grandchildren.

I will call for an audit of education to ensure that money which could be going toward teacher salaries and classroom education isn’t being wasted through bloated costs or other unnecessary expenses. The solutions will be determined by the outcome of the performance audit and close evaluation of our statewide system. I will uphold the law requiring an education budget by March 31st.  We must have accountability for school funding.

I will support and defend parents’ rights to choose the education of their child, whether public, private, homeschool, public charter, or online.  I will work for true local control of education.

I will appoint a state school board which supports public education and the policies I believe are representative of the hopes, desires and needs of students, parents and teachers across our state. 

Public education in Oklahoma will be focused on the needs of the students and will not be controlled by corporations, foundations or other outside interests.  Public education must be improved by ensuring that the local school boards, educators and parents in each community have the power to determine what and how their students learn.

Parents and teachers understand that education is important for acquiring jobs but it is much more than that because it has a powerful influence in every area of our life.  My policies will help provide all students in Oklahoma’s public schools with the opportunity to gain a strong well-rounded education foundation which will help carry them through life with success and contribute to their happiness and well-being.

We have had experiments and mandates forced on public schools from the federal government for years, which have cost millions of dollars and have required teachers to follow programs and processes that were not proven.  Many educators have become discouraged because their own professional experience has not been valued.  Teachers should never be replaced by technology or by outside planners predetermining what and how they will teach.

Students must be considered individually and given opportunities to build strong academic foundations according to their unique ability. A student’s information must not be used as a commodity to be sold in the marketplace or manipulated by social planners.  Teachers and parents working together with each student will produce the best results.  Only the people who personally know and love the students can best decide what they need to succeed in the classroom.

Keeping teachers who are well prepared and who care about each student in their classroom is the most important investment we can make to ensure student success. I am committed to making certain these policies are implemented to bring the joy of teaching and learning back into all of our public schools.  My education plan will:

  1. Call for an audit of the education system
  2. Ensure accountability for school funding and establish a sound source of revenue which flows to teachers and classrooms
  3. Support and defend parents’ rights to choose the education of their child, whether public, private, homeschool, public charter or online
  4. Respect educators and their role in making educational decisions
  5. Work to get and keep the federal government out of the public school system and return to true local control of education
  6. Promote sound proven education methods and materials
  7. Provide students equal opportunities to learn to the best of their individual abilities
  8. Protect student information and other student privacy
  9. Support well-rounded school plans with academics, sports, arts and other beneficial programs
  10. Support job training opportunities for high school students that guarantee their freedom of choice, that do not eliminate educational opportunities and that will not track students

Only when we have strong leadership committed to quality public education can we truly improve our education system in Oklahoma and make Oklahoma a better place to live!